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I have been employed in the technology industry for over thirty years.  Ten years ago  I left as CEO of a small company to begin the practice of patent law.  It has been my full  time occupation ever since.  I work alone from my own office.  I truly enjoy being involved  with clients’ business, finding that the more I know about their business and development  plans the better I can advise them regarding protecting their intellectual property.  For  some clients I also provide the function of an in-house Director of IP, including annual  budgets and monthly forecasts of expenses.  In these cases I usually chair the company’s  patent committee.  I have developed an objective methodology for selecting which  inventions to protect and in what order as budget is available.  I always offer to conduct an  in-house half day tutorial on the basics of patent law and IP management as a courtesy, in  that I have found I can better serve a knowledgeable client.  I would welcome the  opportunity to conduct the tutorial for your organization with no obligation. 
6969324 Portable automatic golf ball teeing apparatus 7221130 Switching power converter employing pulse frequency modulation control 7248027 Power converters in which the input power coupling times are adjusted in conjunction with cycle skip counts 7377180 Method for measuring total force in opposition to a moving vehicle 7387029 Apparatus for measuring total force in opposition to a moving vehicle and method of using 7405689 Predictive analog to digital converters and methods of using 7528571 Method for charging a battery using a constant current adapted to provide a constant rate of change of open circuit battery voltage 7543163 Low power method of monitoring and of responsively initiating higher powered intelligent response to detected change of condition 7574321 Model predictive thermal management 7609185 Methods of using predictive analog to digital converters 7719864 Pulse amplitude modulated current converter 7850459 Apparatus for mechanically attaching two structures and optionally making electrical connections between electronic devices 7871830 End point detection method for plasma etching of semiconductor wafers with low exposed area 7898104 Apparatus and method for dynamically balancing loading of a polyphase circuit 7908508 Low power method of responsively initiating fast response to a detected change of condition 8193795 Output current and input power regulation with a power converter 8279626 Add-on power meter assembly for electrical power raceway D502806 Golf tee case D528451 Bicycle computer enclosure D577648 Jack pad D577651 Small wheel chock D601479 Large wheel chock D670278 Cell phone enclosure

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